"The human trafficking industry enslaves and victimized over 27 million people across the world." In the United States alone, , almost 300,000 children are at risk of being caught in the trafficking industry every year. The commercial exploitation of children is a $12 billion global industry.
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Empower DIFFERENCE MAKERS around the world to eradicate Human Trafficking in this generation.
Mission 14™ creates unique and disruptive high impact global adventures that provide sustainable funding to individuals and organizations that implement effective strategies to eradicate Human Trafficking in their geographical regions.” Read More
2015 Expedition
Beginning in the Spring of 2015, a team of highly skilled Himalayan veterans along with high altitude Sherpas and Mission 14™ staff will travel to Nepal on the start of this challenging adventure. The goal will be to summit 6 of the world’s highest mountains in a single year. Expedition organizer and leader, Nick Cienski, will attempt with the support of his team, to become the first person to successfully summit these peaks thus becoming the first person to stand on 6 of the highest mountains in the world in a single year.
In the spring climbing season we will climb Makalu, Mt. Everest and Lhotse. We will return in the fall to climb on Manaslu, and then travel to Tibet to climb Shishapangma and Cho Oyu. We believe that the physical challenge of climbing in some of the harshest environments on the planet will forge great opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and teamwork. Great mountaineers and adventurers have gone before us, climbing beautiful routes in innovative new styles.
Over the course of this year we will be putting the climbing team together and once they have been selected their profiles will be featured on our TEAM page.

Awareness and Fundraising Platforms

Mission 14™ is an authentic, engaging, and unique adventure that will captivate the attention of a diverse global audience. We don’t raise funds the traditional way. Our adventure platform allows us to engage in unique and robust fundraising, and we are fully committed to driving these revenues

back to our direct service partners already doing great work in their communities. We will leverage this one-of-a-kind charitable adventure to raise resources for our partners and inspire our audience to become an army of difference makers. We succeed in a few strategic ways:

We partner with global brands to cover the cost of the adventure. When a brand partners with us on one of our adventures, their sponsorship covers all the costs associated with the event. We are diligent to keep all expenses within reason so after the adventure is completed we can spread the proceeds between our direct service partners.

Individual Giving. Since all event costs are born by our sponsors, when individuals pledge funds (either one-time or monthly) 100% of this support is directed to our partner organizations.

Merchandise. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all Mission 14™ items on our website are directed to our partner organizations.

Through social media we refocus our audience on what really matters. We create captivating, engaging content that viewers are excited to see and interact with. We will have the ability to communicate from the base of each mountain (and in some cases from high on the mountain) allowing us to keep our audience up on our latest accomplishments with images and videos. But at every turn, we make sure that our mission of combating human trafficking, and our vision of creating a global force of difference makers stays front and center. Our goal will be to bring our global audience from followers to donors.

We will partner with best in class organizations doing great work in their communities wherever our adventures take us.

Supporting Events that will raise funds for our partners:

-Everest Trek In the spring of 2015, we will lead a luxury trek to the base of the highest peak in the world - Mount Everest. Where individuals - yes this means you - can experience not just the spectacular vistas of the Himalayas but also spend time with our local in-country partner organization to see what they are doing in the fight to eradicate human trafficking in their community. All of the proceeds from this trek will benefit these partners directly.

-Kilimanjaro Climb If you have ever dreamed of climbing one of the most iconic mountains in the world, now is your chance! Join us in July of 2015 and you will climb with key members of the Mission 14™ team to the summit of Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. The 7 day adventure will test you physically and reward you with unbelievable sights from one of the Seven Summits.

Like us on Facebook or send us an email at: info@mission14.org so we can send you trip details, dates and prices as they become finalized in the coming weeks.

Don't miss Nick's TedXBaltimore 2014 talk:

Army Of Difference Makers
We believe that scale matters: our vision and goals are big because we want to yield enormous results in the fight against trafficking globally. Our aim is to bring awareness and media attention not just to the adventure and our corporate sponsors, but to also shine a light on the many causes surrounding human trafficking.

It is only through educating and equipping global communities that this crime can be eradicated. Our direct service partners are experts at raising up volunteers and supports who work to bring change to their communities and our calling is to resource them as much as possible.
Our unique approach to fundraising gives global brands an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of making a difference in the world, and allows us to direct 100% of individual giving immediately towards charity.

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Join Our Mission

Each financial gift empowers Mission 14™ to continue to resource non-profits working directly with rescued children and families living in untenable situations in the US and around the world. Please visit our Mission page to learn more about the causes we champion. Because of our generous corporate sponsors, 100% of your individual contribution goes directly to our charitable partners. Thank you so much for your generous hearts. You are changing lives!

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